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  • Listening to: Harry and Alfie (GET AN ALBUM)
  • Reading: Richard Taylor - On Wings of Gold (GOD DAMNIT)
  • Watching: Mythbusters
  • Playing: Skyrim
  • Eating: Chicken and Mushroom Risotto
  • Drinking: Bulmers Apple Cider
Well hey there...

This is the first entry to my journal that I have done in the last six months. I am sorry - whoever reads my journal entries religiously.

I'd like to say that I've been way too busy to pay attention to dA - but that's not true. I have just been too lazy. The one redeeming factor is that  I have been writing my novel "On Wings of Gold", and that it is actually coming to a head. It's nice to see my own creation begin to take the shape of something that people might actually buy. Unfortunately, I've still got about a third of the story to write and then about three rounds of editing before I can even consider approaching a publishers, but I would read it.

The main reason that I have awoken to my need to dA is :icongrabyourshovelanddig:, or Digi - as most people know him.

Most people who know this man know that he is very good at getting people to do things for him and I, despite being very, very lazy, am not immune to his methods.

Due to a fair bit of leaning on Chalky's part and the fact that Digi is going to be a more permanent part of my life, very soon, I have decided to commit my time to a new project called "Weekly Prompts". This is a simple game that Digi and I shall play, where we send each other prompts of a few words - to work as inspiration for a short piece of writing. The intention is that, between us, we will pump out at least one piece of writing a week. I hope you all wish us good luck.

The following half of this journal is about my real life. Some of our younger viewers may wish to avert their eyes.

Since last October, which is the date of my previous entry, I have done the following set of things.

I have worked for the post office for a couple of months, which was one of the most interesting jobs I have done. I had to get up at half-four in the morning to be at work for six. I would then sort mail for eight hours and be home by two in the afternoon. The most interesting part of it was that I could freely have a conversation with the people around me, while I sorted the mail. The different types of people that work in that environment astounded me. From a man who had moved from Africa - due to war - ten years ago and was meeting his family again, for the first time, at Christmas, to a man who had worked as a teacher for several years and had decided that he wasn't enjoying it enough. I had no idea that people were so interesting!

I then went home for Christmas. This was a very fun time. I received an Amazon Kindle from my dad, that has spent more time in Chalky's handbag than a tourist in Mexico spends on the loo, and I had Christmas at someone else's house for the first time in over ten years. Christmas at my uncle David's house was lovely - especially watching Paul and not having to do any washing up.

I then came back home and spent another two months working for Betterware UK. As a piece of advice, for those of you looking for work, never work for Betterware UK as a territory sales agent. I spent two months averaging 3 pounds per hour, due to the fact that the work is entirely commission based. It's easy work, but it's time consuming and the pay is quite low. I have no more words to say on the matter.

Finally, for the first week in April, I went on a fantastic skiing holiday with Chalky's family. It wasn't as good as previous ones, because we went a bit later in the year, but the addition of a family friend to our roster was very nice and the holiday was a much needed break. Throw a bonus in that I didn't break any bones and you've got yourself a week well spent! I also read through "On Wings of Gold" and realised that I'm not such a bad writer, after all.

Alright, I think that's it. Hopefully I'll post another journal within a month, but, for now, I need the loo and I've got to go update my tumblr.

Until next time, noobs.



Artist | Student | Literature
United Kingdom
Hi, Xen Yakodo here, but you can call me Xen. If you're reading this, you've already given me as much attention as I could hope for, so I guess I hope you enjoy my work and see you later.

“I shall come to your aid, at no cost and no plunder.”
“We must rise up together and rip this blood beast asunder.”
“Consider this danger gone, for the safety of Halthaw,”
“I shall rid you of this menace! Rock, Stick and Claw!!”

Current Residence: House
Personal Quote: To juggle one's problems is to have many in the air, but only two on your hands.

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