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I am writing this email in the hopes that it will reach someone who is interested. I think it's important that my story is put on the internet, so that if there is anyone out there who is not wrapped up in this, they might see it and investigate. A strange calm comes over me, as I type out these words. I am thoroughly aware that, even though in my mind this email is a call for aid, I know that I will not survive to see it's result. There are too many of them.

At the beginning of last academic year, I moved to Hawaii to study. I know how that sounds and you're right. The only reason I came to Hawaii is because it's beautiful, I never had any plans to use my degree to get a career. My nineteen-year-old self just didn't want to go into work, though I now wish that I had. God - do I wish that I had. I came here to major in Mathematics, because I'd always found it easy in high school and figured that it would be a nice ride for the next four years. The degree itself has been easy and, for the entirety of the first year, I drank, slept and partied my way to a pass grade. I had a bunch of friends and some with benefits, as well as a beautiful crush called Cara, who I had just started to get close to, when the year ended. My story starts with the beginning of my second year, after a boring summer of being bugged by my parents to get a job.

I can remember the first day back as clear as the blue skies that met me. The plane landed smoothly on the simmering tarmac and slowed to parking speed as it made it's way toward the terminal building. The plane ride had been perfect. I remember that. To be honest, that had been the very first sign that something was off. The girl who was sat next to me had offered me the window seat, when I had come to sit down. She was called Sam - short for Samara. The five hour flight would have been a pain without her, even though she would occasionally look at her phone. Sam was clearly of Asian decent, so she was smaller than me and cute and we got talking almost immediately. About my age, she told me that she was headed for her first year at UH, after having a gap year to go back to her extended family in India. She was studying engineering and wanted to become an architect or a civil engineer or something like that. I'm telling you all of this, because I believe that every word she said was a lie.

I got through airport security with no issues and my bag came through baggage claim within a minute or so of the belt starting up. All in all, I was out into the street in about ten minutes. A taxi driver pulled up and offered me a ride to the college. He seemed like a cheerful kind of guy. Sounded like he was from Colorado or someplace cold - I remember thinking that I bet he was having the time of his life out here. He talked to me about my studying and whether I'd managed to make any friends, the year before. He talked to me about how I had missed the worst of the Hawaiian summer and how it was nice to catch the weather while it was still warm. He talked to me about different foods and about computer games and about many other things. He was the friendliest taxi driver I had ever met, but I got annoyed with him a couple of times for reading texts while driving. It wasn't until I had gotten out and handed him a twenty that I realized I had never told him where I had wanted to go. I dismissed it, thinking I had just forgotten it, and walked into my dorm building. The building was empty, but I remember figuring that I had returned before the rush and that my dorm mates would be here by the end of the weekend. Sullen, but happy with how the day had gone, I settled into my room and unpacked. I remember playing League for the rest of the night, annoyed that none of my friends had been online, and going to bed sometime early in the morning. It never struck me as odd that the building had been empty.

The next morning, I was woken up by the arrival of what must have been everyone else who lived there. So many people came through and said hello to me as they struggled to pull their bags down the corridor that I soon stopped registering who they were. It was over in an hour. An hour. One hour. The previous year, it had taken two full days. Though this may make me seem really ignorant and stupid, this was the first sign I noticed. I sat in my room, browsing the internet, as I had been, but then I noticed the silence. There were no banging noises of people unpacking or moving around their rooms. There were no sounds of cars leaving outside. There had been a cacophony to accompany the moving brigade that had ended only moments before, but now? Silence. A bit worried, I went to my open door and looked out into the corridor. It was empty. It looked exactly the same as it had an hour before. I walked down to the next room and knocked. This was John's room. The door opened and John stood there with a distracted look on his face as he read something off of his phone. "What's up, nerd?" he said, in a voice that brought me back to the first day I had met him.
"You done packing?" I replied hesitantly.
He looked back into his room, which looked exactly as it had the year before. "Yeah man, got that shit done ages ago."
I tried not to be visibly staggered by what I saw. "Cool, man. You doing anything tonight?" I said, trying to sound casual.
"Not with you, dork." he replied quickly and then closed the door. He had not looked at me once throughout the whole exchange.

I went back to my room and got a bunch of stuff out of my bag to take to the kitchen. As I approached the door at the end of the corridor, I shook my head, thinking that I was just being paranoid. I walked into the kitchen straight past Pete, another room mate of mine, who was texting someone. As I opened the fridge to put away my stuff, I gave him a worried look as I glanced between his phone and his face. He wasn't texting. He was just reading. "Hey man." I attempted, trying to get him to look up.
"Hey bro." Pete replied. He sounded fine, but he didn't look up.
"What're you reading?"
He glanced in my direction but then looked back down, saying "Oh it's this really cool thing that I found on my phone. You should see if you've got one. It's awesome."
"It seems to be taking you a while to read, is it long?"
He smiled and said "I don't mind."

I finished putting my stuff away and he didn't say another word to me. Just kept reading his phone. As I returned to my room, I looked over at my backpack. I hadn't looked at my phone since I had shut it off for the plane ride. A sinking feeling pulled at my stomach. I had officially become worried.

The next day, I went to class for the first and last time this year. I sat at the back of the lecture hall, looking far down to where the lecturer stood. The students that turned up were all chattering and laughing and acting like normal, except they all had their phones out, so they could look at them frequently. That's when I saw her. Cara was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She was British and always wore colorful scarves and bright earrings, out on show beneath her soft brown hair which she tied up in a bun. She came to sit next to me and said something that I had been waiting for her to say for the better part of four months, but that would haunt my dreams to this day. "How was summer, James? I missed you." A warm feeling swept through my body at the words.
All I could do was smile idiotically and say "You did?"
She nodded and leaned toward me, nestling her beautifully smelling head into my shoulder. "You know I never got the chance to say this, last year, but I really liked hanging around with you."
"Oh really?" I said, carefully, enjoying the warmth of her body next to mine.
"Yeah, we should hang out more often this year." She got out her phone and pressed a few buttons on the screen. Then, slowly, her thumbs dropped and she smiled vacantly. "I've just texted you my number. We should totally go out for dinner or something." She said, without looking up.
"But-" I replied, interrupted by the vibration of my phone, in my bag, which rested against my leg. I was horrified. As I choked back the question that had hung on my lips, I looked out across the hall beneath me - across a sea of mobile phones and captivated students. "Yeah. Sure. I'll give you a text, later." I said, trying to sound happy.
"Good." She said leaning forward and getting her books out, all the while staring into her screen.

I don't know what had happened, but I now knew how to avoid it. I sat painfully through an advanced algebra lecture and a session on metric spaces - each filled with students and phones. Even the lecturers absently read from their devices, as they wrote the notes down on the board. One of them told us that the notes were now available online and that they could be brought up on our phones, if we wanted. Each word cementing in my head a single powerful idea. Don't look at your phone.

I went about university as normal for two or three days. Going to my lectures and checking my timetable online. I found out that Samara was taking a second year module with me, on the days when Cara happened to not be around. I think that they are bait. How did Cara know my number? By the end of the week, I had seen not one person who was not a second away from looking at their phone. Even those that were doing something that required two hands had their phone near them and kept checking it. I received an email from the college administration telling me that I needed to download an app for timetabling. I had a few friends come around and bang on my door to tell me that I should pick up my phone. The first week was the worst.

It's been fifteen weeks now.
I stopped attending lectures two weeks in.
I've been surviving off of tonne of beans and chips that I bought three months ago.
I have had visits from many of my friends and Cara and Sam and some people who claimed to be the police and members of the accommodation staff. They all said the same thing. I should be leaving my room to go and study. They all said I am being paranoid and that nothing is wrong. They all said that people were missing me. They all said to check my phone.

As I said: I am writing this in the hope that there is someone out there who has been unaffected. If you are reading this, then you are safe, for the moment. I don't think, for a moment, that I will be able to get off of this island and back to my home for Christmas, but that's not going to stop me from trying. My plane ride is scheduled for this weekend. If you are reading this, you have to believe me. Something is taking control of everyone. I don't know what it's plan is, just that it wants me too. It wants you as well.

This may be my last message while I still have control.

If you are reading this, then hopefully I have convinced you.

The only thing left is to warn you.

Don't look at your phone.

Don't look at your phone.
A creepy pasta I wrote earlier today on a whim. Hope you like it.
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Well hey there...

This is the first entry to my journal that I have done in the last six months. I am sorry - whoever reads my journal entries religiously.

I'd like to say that I've been way too busy to pay attention to dA - but that's not true. I have just been too lazy. The one redeeming factor is that  I have been writing my novel "On Wings of Gold", and that it is actually coming to a head. It's nice to see my own creation begin to take the shape of something that people might actually buy. Unfortunately, I've still got about a third of the story to write and then about three rounds of editing before I can even consider approaching a publishers, but I would read it.

The main reason that I have awoken to my need to dA is :icongrabyourshovelanddig:, or Digi - as most people know him.

Most people who know this man know that he is very good at getting people to do things for him and I, despite being very, very lazy, am not immune to his methods.

Due to a fair bit of leaning on Chalky's part and the fact that Digi is going to be a more permanent part of my life, very soon, I have decided to commit my time to a new project called "Weekly Prompts". This is a simple game that Digi and I shall play, where we send each other prompts of a few words - to work as inspiration for a short piece of writing. The intention is that, between us, we will pump out at least one piece of writing a week. I hope you all wish us good luck.

The following half of this journal is about my real life. Some of our younger viewers may wish to avert their eyes.

Since last October, which is the date of my previous entry, I have done the following set of things.

I have worked for the post office for a couple of months, which was one of the most interesting jobs I have done. I had to get up at half-four in the morning to be at work for six. I would then sort mail for eight hours and be home by two in the afternoon. The most interesting part of it was that I could freely have a conversation with the people around me, while I sorted the mail. The different types of people that work in that environment astounded me. From a man who had moved from Africa - due to war - ten years ago and was meeting his family again, for the first time, at Christmas, to a man who had worked as a teacher for several years and had decided that he wasn't enjoying it enough. I had no idea that people were so interesting!

I then went home for Christmas. This was a very fun time. I received an Amazon Kindle from my dad, that has spent more time in Chalky's handbag than a tourist in Mexico spends on the loo, and I had Christmas at someone else's house for the first time in over ten years. Christmas at my uncle David's house was lovely - especially watching Paul and not having to do any washing up.

I then came back home and spent another two months working for Betterware UK. As a piece of advice, for those of you looking for work, never work for Betterware UK as a territory sales agent. I spent two months averaging 3 pounds per hour, due to the fact that the work is entirely commission based. It's easy work, but it's time consuming and the pay is quite low. I have no more words to say on the matter.

Finally, for the first week in April, I went on a fantastic skiing holiday with Chalky's family. It wasn't as good as previous ones, because we went a bit later in the year, but the addition of a family friend to our roster was very nice and the holiday was a much needed break. Throw a bonus in that I didn't break any bones and you've got yourself a week well spent! I also read through "On Wings of Gold" and realised that I'm not such a bad writer, after all.

Alright, I think that's it. Hopefully I'll post another journal within a month, but, for now, I need the loo and I've got to go update my tumblr.

Until next time, noobs.



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Hi, Xen Yakodo here, but you can call me Xen. If you're reading this, you've already given me as much attention as I could hope for, so I guess I hope you enjoy my work and see you later.

“I shall come to your aid, at no cost and no plunder.”
“We must rise up together and rip this blood beast asunder.”
“Consider this danger gone, for the safety of Halthaw,”
“I shall rid you of this menace! Rock, Stick and Claw!!”

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Personal Quote: To juggle one's problems is to have many in the air, but only two on your hands.

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